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ABOUT Tutors4Impact

Tutors4Impact offers schools, districts, and organizations the opportunity to support student learning regardless of location. Our online tutoring platform was designed in partnership with experts from the Ontario Ministry of Education with a focus on creating an online learning environment that is safe, effective, and accessible.

We offer flexible solutions to meet the needs of our schools, institutions, organizations, and the students they support.

Find out today how Tutors4Impact can help you deliver the 1:1 support that your students need to thrive in our new virtual school environments!

Fully Managed Online Tutoring Service

Thousands of expert tutors. Fully managed solution for your students. Instant and scheduled tutoring available.

Advanced Digital Classroom

An online classroom accessible from home or on-the-go. With an interactive whiteboard, video chat, mobile access, and Google Drive.

Flexible Options to Support Learners

Designed for learning. Built for safety. Scalable, accessible, and recorded. Prepaid packages, exclusive discounts available

A 1:1 Online Learning Platform for Your Students

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